Sunday, January 23, 2011

Neal Coghlan - Kraak & Smaak feat. Bobby Nio: Plastic People

Track: Plastic People by Kraak & Smaak feat. Bobby Nio
(shortened edit for Tasty Visuals promo)
Published by Boogie Angst Music (Chrysalic Music), P&C 2008 Jalapeno Ltd.

Illustrations >>​TastyFlickr
Project >>​#560347/​Tasty-Visuals
Twitter >>​nealcoghlan
Tasty Stickers! >> - available now!

These visuals all started out from a single illustration (now the animation Tasty Visuals #001, the first loop of the sequence). Whilst creating the illustration I thought about how each bit might animate and so set about turning it into a short ident type visual. It was soon after that I learnt about the Resolume competiton for Kraak & Smaak a Dutch trio of musicians who create some quality funk/breakbeat/electro tunes. As Kraak & Smaak translates to Crunchy & Tasty I thought it'd be too good an opportunity to miss to get a set of food-themed illustrations turned into VJ loops.

The original 3 loops won the competition and the prize was a commission to make 20 more loops plus a copy of the VJ software Resolume. This video shows
17 clips - the original
3 for the competition and 14 others that are built up in a similar way. The final 6 are transitions/backgrounds that can be played over the top or underneath all of these clips to give extra variation.

Before animating any of the parts I chose 3 of Kraak & Smaak's tracks and sliced it so that it was a segment of 16 beats. I then altered the tempo of the segment to 125BPM - as this works well with a 50fps frame rate (and is consequently easily scalable for slower or faster sections should I need to re-render to a certain speed). Within these segments there was enough going on musically that I could animate individual objects to sounds, meaning that you can watch them again and again and still find new bits that sync up to something. The beauty of this is that all these elements can be removed as single pieces and reassembled to create new compositions. The limitations of the grid plus no gradients or transparencies also meant that consistency between the pieces was easy and that they could all be played consecutively and gel.

My next step is to separate the elements in these visuals and use them as separate clips over multiple layer in the VJ software Resolume - allowing me to form new compositions live to music!
See pics of the process here:​TVResolume​​

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Rikke Otte - Oh Land: Still Here

Eugene and Louise & Birg - Marble Sounds: Sky High

Performed by Marble Sounds and Miwako Shimizu

Directed by Eugene and Louise & Birg.
Produced by Nouvelle Cuisine -
Character design and illustrations by Eugene and Louise
Postproduction by The Fridge
Post Producer: Jan Hameeuw
Michèle Vanparys - Lead 2D
Matthias Claeys - 2D
David Robinne - Lead 3D
Pierre Hageman - 3D assistant
Dennis Vandenbergh - 3D animation
Birg - Compositing
Reinder Vankeerbergen - Compositing
Tom Hameeuw - Producer

"Sky High" is taken from the debut album "Nice Is Good"
by Marble Sounds - out on Zealrecords​buy_marble

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gerson Aguerri - Los Massieras: Boogity Boogity Boogity

OK Go, Eric Gunther, and Jeff Lieberman - OK Go: End Love

Download this video and enter the Contest at For more photos and videos of Orange Bill, The Goose visit
OK Go's official video for 'End Love' off the album Of The Blue Colour of the Sky.
Director: OK Go, Eric Gunther, and Jeff Lieberman
Producer: Shirley Moyers

Nicos Livesey - Everything Everything: Schoolin

Guy Harlap - Thom Yorke: Black Swan

Hey all,
this is a unofficiall video of the song Black Swan by Thom Yorke I made. As a big fan of Radiohead and Thom's
I began experiencing with the song's rhythm.
After I started animating I just could not stop.
I finished it in few days. the animation was done with no changes editing or corrections.drawn frame by frame 2d classic animation (made with flash using wacom)
I did it with a lot of joy to a song I really love from a great artist and band (my opinion).
Guy :)

animation and design: Guy Harlap

Ben Reed - The Wave Pictures: Sweetheart

Official video for the Wave Pictures EP 'Sweetheart'

Directed by Ben Reed (

Made entirely out of second hand books.

*Please watch in HD!*

Thanks to the following people for sorting me out:

Nils for the books,
Nic for the lens,
Dan for the heart,
Jess for touching the heart,
and Gez for the rostrum part

This video was recycled after construction.

You can get the record from here:

United Visual Artists - Massive Attack: United Snakes

Carolina Melis - Oh no Ohno: Internet Warrior

We Are Synapse - Papa vs Pretty: Heavy Harm

An animated music video that follows a journey of one man who is tasked with looking after a towns people who live in isolation, and depend on fuel from the underground.

by We Are Synapse

Music - Papa Vs Pretty