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Ruffmercy - Versis x Dibiase: Fly me t'the moon






Special thanks to:
DuDuf for Duik! & Famos for Translation ..they know

Maxime Bruneel - Freak Owls: Optimistic Automatic

Official Music Video for Freak Owls "optimistic automatic".

Directed & animated by Maxime Bruneel
vimeo channel

Maxime Bruneel - Secret Skwirl: Jeez Louise

Official music video for Secret Skwirl


Directed by Maxime Bruneel
Music by Secret Skwirl
@ Abbey Road studios

Festival OneDotZero, London 2011!/maxbruneel

Maxime Bruneel - Alain Bashung: Variations sur Marilou

9-minutes musical short film on the famous song by Serge Gainsbourg, Variations sur Marilou, interpreted in 2006 by Alain Bashung.

Label : Barclay
Production Company : ChezEddy
Director : Maxime Bruneel
Producer : Nicolas de Rosanbo
Line Producer : Coline Six
Production Manager : Anne-Lise Mallard
Animation : Antoine Ettori - Emmanuelle Walker - Matthieu Gaillard - Vincent Verniers - Gaëtan Louet - Hélène Marchal
Editing : Manuel Coutan (Thanks @ChezLouis) - Olivier Guedj

Thanks so much to this amazing team !!


More about this short :

Maxime Bruneel - The Aston Shuffle: Your Love

'Your Love' is the first single from the Aston Shuffle upcoming album, due to be released within the new year...

Directed by: Maxime Bruneel @ RUFFMERCY
Artist: The Aston Shuffle
Client: Ministry of sound & Andrew Jackson (Milton Archer)

Ryan Todd - Zach Hill: Primitives Talk (CHLLNGR remix)

Shot and Directed by Ryan Todd

Animated GIF art by David Ope


Zach Hill

Ryan Todd - Young Aundee: Singing Nun

Chad Turner & Ryan Todd - CHLLNGR: Change

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Sean Pecknold - Fleet Foxes: The Shrine / An Argument

Jeremy Mayhew - Man Man: Banana Ghost

Cyril Gfeller - Piers Faccini: Tribe

Naohiro Yako - Go-qualia: Requiem

Jeff Desom - Hauschka: Morgenrot

Love Hauschka & love this vid. Jeff Desom's more recent video for Children is epic & awesome but not animation so I'll just link it:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jonathan Chong - Hudson: Against The Grain

New Clip from Hudson - Stop Motion Kaleidoscopic Fun.

The new music video for ‘Against The Grain’ from emerging Melbourne indie-folk artist Hudson sees him collaborate with film maker/animator/VJ Dropbear (aka Jonathan Chong), producing a vibrant and colourful clip based around a mainstay from our humble artistic efforts throughout childhood – coloured pencils.​hudsonofficial

Ash Dorn - Barbara Panther: Unchained

Directed by Ash Dorn |
Illustrations by Will Adams |​barbarapanther

Kevin Parry - Kalle Mattson: Thick As Thieves

An arts and crafts history of the world.

Written by Kalle Mattson​​kallemattson​

Kevin Parry - Director / Animator​

Carla Veldman - Designer / Animator​

Andrew Wilson - Designer / Animator​

Andrea Nesbitt - Live Action​

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Adrien Merigeau - Villagers: Cecilia & Her Selfhood

Awesome and Modest - Dan Wholey: Amateur Rocketry

Setinsand - Plaid: At Last

Ron Eyal - Amanda Palmer: No Surprises

"No Surprises"
From "Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele"
Available now at

Performed by Amanda Palmer
Written by Radiohead (Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Colin Greenwood, and Phil Selway)

Read the blog about it at

Director: Ron Eyal | @roneyal

Animation: Marcos Sánchez

Produced by: Robert Profusek, Ryan Heller, and Ryan Silbert
Cinematography: Eleanor Burke (@eleanorburke)
Production Assistant: Nikita Liamzine

A Toy Closet Films Production ( in association with Scissor Studios (

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mick Wordley at Mixmasters Studios in Adelaide, AU -

Micaël Reynaud - Hunting Charlie's Band: The King of Legoland

Satoshi Murai - ALT: A Play

Ugo Bienvenu & Kevin Manach - Renart: Voyage Chromatique

Onionskin - Doppo: Loop of Farewell

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Albert Birney - Jonathan Mann: Are You A Real Person?

Preorder the record:

Stream the record:

Directed by Albert Birney

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Johnny Kelly - Willie Nelson: The Scientist (Coldplay cover)

Coldplay's haunting classic 'The Scientist' is performed by country music legend Willie Nelson for the soundtrack of the short film entitled, "Back to the Start." Download the song now available on iTunes. Label and proceeds benefit The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rogier van der Zwaag - Nobody Beats the Drum: Poisson Vert

Director: Rogier van der Zwaag
D.O.P: Ezra Reverda
Gaffer: Nicholas Burrough
Art department: Jeroen van Sluis
Producer: Roel Oude Nijhuis
Production company: 100% Halal

Most of the video was shot in December in a forrest near Putten in the Netherlands. It took seven nights to shoot everything frame by frame. check a short peek at the set here:

The Poisson Vert EP will be released on june 24th on BMKLTSCH records, with remixes from Shameboy, Meneo and TWR72. check the EP here: EP link:

the video was financed by the dutch TAX fund.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mike Scott - Goldfish: Soundtracks and Comebacks

Buy this song on iTunes:​3abxj5m​goldfishlive​goldfishlive

A film by Mike Scott

'No matter how much you wanna leave you're gonna come back!'

From the album 'Perceptions of Pacha'

- Nominated for 'Best Music Video' at the 2009 South African Music Awards
- Winner of the 2010 MK Neon award

Oh Yeah Wow - All India Radio: Lucky

Winner- Best Animated Music Video, St Kilda Film Festival 2010.

Shortlisted- Guggenheim Museum, YouTube Play, 2010.

Lucky by All India Radio, is the viewable blood, sweat and tears of Australian based animation company 'OH YEAH WOW'

It involves a painstaking animation technique, whereby the team paints in the air with glow sticks, frame after frame to create entire sequences of animation, usually taking a whole night to shoot.

For more info, please check out: and

Darcy Prendergast - All India Radio: Rippled

Over 6 months in the making and almost 3 years on from 'Lucky' their first light painting collaboration Darcy Prendergast and the creative team at OH YEAH WOW have again paired with the beautiful music of ALL INDIA RADIO to bring you their latest music video, 'Rippled'. Painstakingly animated frame by frame, the piece is all shot in camera, by real people, in the real world, using long exposure techniques... We hope you enjoy.

All India Radio- The Silent Surf, OUT NOW at:

For more info visit or

All India Radio: Far Away

Martin Kennedy - All India Radio: Four Three

Lucy Dyson - All India Radio: Persist

Ned Wenlock - Danger Beach: Apache

Music video for the band Danger Beach on Dream Damage Records.
Their album Milky Way can be downloaded here:​2010/​07/​danger-beach/​
Directed by Ned Wenlock
Character animation by Rodney Selby

Edouard Salier - Justice: Civilization

Tony Comley - Gameshow Outpatient: D N A U X B

As his planet boils in the glow of a cascading Tesseract a young femto-panda named David Xenon makes a brave attempt to warn the galaxy...

An animated music video for the track D N A U X B on the EP 'We Go Dream Team' by Gameshow Outpatient

Download the EP for free at:​dream.html

Follow us at:​dnauxb​progenitorbalk

André Chocron - Cold Mailman: Time is of the essence

Official music video for Cold Mailman - "Time is of the essence". This is a shortened version of the song. The original song is available on their critically acclaimed second album "Relax; the mountain will come to you" . For more info about Cold Mailman, visit​

Director and animator: André Chocron
Director of photography: Audun Magnæs
Colorist: Camilla Holst Vea at Storyline Studios
Conform: Raymond Gangstad

Haugenstua brl
Vestlitoppen brl
Tveita brl
Solfjellet brl
Ammerudlia brl

Supported by Groruddalssatsningen:​

Thank you:
Roy Tjomsland, Hallvar Witzø, Raymond Gangstad, Johannes Dahl, Kari Andresen, Jon Erik Berger, Gunnar Paulsen, Veronica Skaret

Monday, May 16, 2011

Juliette Hamon Damourette & Jao Eka M'Changama - Boy Mandeville: Killing The Work

(C) & (P) East City Records 2011
Written by Boy Mandeville
Recorded at Preche Studios, London, UK
Engineered by Jono Cary
Produced By Boy Mandeville
Video by Juliette Hamon Damourette & Jao Eka M'Changama (

Fleur & Manu - Etienne de Crecy: No Brain

Directed by Fleur & Manu
Produced by DIVISION
Post production by MATHEMATIC

Videoclip now available on iTunes in high definition !​gwmTBT

Also included into BEATS 'N' CUBES VOLUME 1 release !​ih5Vpn​etiennedecrecy​pages/​Etienne-de-Crécy/​161679867179053

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ryan Mauskopf - Professor Soap (Ryan Mauskopf): Spirit Quest Journey

Abandon Building - Melodium: Something You Lost

A reincarnation of your old sculptures mixed with some of your new photographs, channelled through countless listens to Melodium's COLORIBUS ...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Noriko Okaku - Joyz: Electropia

Emilski & Nick Duggins for UTILE - Fracture & Neptune featuring Martin Fieber: Customtone

ASTROPHONICA in collaboration with UTILE present the video for Customtone by Fracture & Neptune, featuring Martin Fieber.

Created to celebrate the launch of the album 'Retrospect - a Decade of Fracture & Neptune', UTILE (Emilski and Nick Duggins) take us on a psychedelic journey into the Astrophonica universe.

Customtone features the lap steel talent of Martin Fieber and will be available as part of a limited edition 12" sampler for the the album. The sleeve art for this release will be hand printed and individually numbered by Emilski and willl be available at the end of May 2011

‘Retrospect – A Decade Of Fracture & Neptune’ is an 18 track, digital LP that brings together the classic, always cosmic, Fracture & Neptune sound from the year 2000 right up to the current date. Some released faves, some unreleased, some brand new and some unheard tracks from the vaults! All wonderfully remastered by Bob Macc and sounding better than ever. Release date end of May 2011.

Find out more about the album here -​retrospect-lp-a-decade-of-fracture-neptune/​

design and animation by Emilski & Nick Duggins for UTILE

music by Fracture & Neptune

Arnaud Faure - Daft Punk: Derezzed (fan video)

> A tribute to Daft Punk and their amazing soundtrack for "Tron: legacy"
>> Track: "Derezzed" / Album: "Tron: legacy"

>>> Directed & Animated by Arnaud Faure.

>>>> NB: It's a personnal project, I'm not affiliated with the production in any way. Just a huge fan of Daft Punk.

Markus Wagner - Amongst Giants: Turn

Amongst Giants is a project crafted by my friend, composer and producer, Matthias Hacksteiner. All songs have been composed and mixed by him and were recorded in Salzburg and Munich with eleven studio musicians.

Get the Album here!

... and check his other great work here!

"Turn" has been in my head for quite a while now. I planed to make a muscivideo while I was doing the coverartwork of this album which is now ... well .. quite a while ago :) Anyhow I finally got some time and great helping hands from our LWZ collective! Thanks to Steff and .MRT!


Design & Direction:
Markus Wagner

Stefan Salcher
Martin Lorenz
Markus Wagner

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mustashrik, Partizan - Punks Jump Up: Blockhead

Directed by:
Mustashrik, Partizan

Motion Graphics and Designs by:
Ross McDowell & James May

Blockhead Mask Design by:
Michael Willis

Animations by:
Mustashrik with contributions from Anne Wilkins & Emily Howells

Edited by:
Katherine Holley & Mustashrik

Friday, April 15, 2011

Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin - Pad Brapad: Ben Hora

Chris Joss: Discotheque Dancing

Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna - Brandt Brauer Frick: Caffeine

Written and directed by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna
Music by Brandt Brauer Frick
“Caffeine” taken from the album “You Make Me Real”

Art concept and Illustrations: Danae Diaz
Hand drawn animation: Danae Diaz, Benjamin Karré
Computer animation, compositing and editing: Patricia Luna
3D design assistant: Maria Diaz
Sound design intro and outro: Lenard Gimpel

2010-2011 Berlin-Barcelona

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Celyn Brazier - Wagon Christ: Chunkothy

Chunkothy was directed and animated by me at Nexus for Ninja Tune with Beccy McCray providing invaluable production skills. Bali Engle helped me colour and provided the beautiful animated sequences for the insect loop and fishes. Margot Tsakiri-Scanatovits and Manav Dhir also provided colouring skills and contributed to the animation of the insects. Steve Mc Inerney constructed the final edit with perfect timing and imagination.

Nexus Productions
Celyn Brazier - Directing, Designing, Colouring, Animating
Beccy McCray - Producer
Steve McInerney - Editor
Bali Engel - Colouring, Animating
Margot Tsakiri-Scanatovits - Assistant Colouring
Manav Dhir - Assistant Colouring

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Joel Trussell - Morcheeba: Enjoy the Ride

Miike Snow: Rabbit

I just like the vid. And hey, there's a little bit of animation at the end.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Randy Scott Slavin - Hesta Prynn: Can We Go Wrong

Download from iTunes:
The official video for Hesta Prynn's single "Can We Go Wrong" from the EP of the same name. Directed by Randy Scott Slavin ( this stop-motion piece was made from over 13K still photographs.
Co-Producer/Light Holder- Stacey Angeles. VFX Brian Morrisson (The Wood Room)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello, Savants! - Phonat: Ghetto Burnin'

Video for Ghetto Burnin' by Phonat from his self titled debut album.
Directed by Hello, Savants!
Andrea Staiano, Rocco Pezzella, Francesco Castellani, Stefano Paron

Job, Joris & Marieke - Happy Camper: Born With A Bothered Mind (featuring Bouke Zoete)

Manfreds holiday leads to a series of awkward camping moments, but that doesn’t spoil the fun, because Manfred is a Happy Camper.

Happy Camper is a music project by Job Roggeveen. He composed an album full of sunny chansons with sultry gypsy sounds. But Job is not the only Happy Camper, eleven singers camp with him and perform his songs.

This music video was made by studio Job, Joris & Marieke (with financial support from Tax videoclipfonds en de gemeente Utrecht).

Also watch the teaser were Manfred reveals what really happened during the shoot:​19438210

Flying Lotus - Erykah Badu: Gone Baby, Don't Be Long

From the album New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh

Directed by: Flying Lotus
Post-Production: Beeple
Modeling: Beeple + Vince Ream
Director of Photography: Theo Jemison

Download the Cinema 4D project file:​resources.php

Three Legged Legs - N.A.S.A.: Gifted

Studio Giblets - N.A.S.A Feat. Karen O and Ol' Dirty Bastard: Strange Enough

Official video for 'Strange Enough' by N.A.S.A, from the album 'The Spirit of Apollo'
Directed: Stewart Wagstaff, Tom Loughlin, Sam Taylor, Lorna Lavelle
Produced: Terence Teh
Based on original illustrations by: Stephan Doitschinoff aka. CALMA
Live-action director: Andrew Corrigan

Fluorescent Hill - NASA feat. Kool Keith & Tom Waits: Spacious Thoughts

Junkyard playground for the split personality inclined. From the phenomenal album Spirit of Apollo.

Fluorescent Hill - The Heavy Blinkers: Try Telling That To My Baby

Candyland explodes into a Busby Berkely like musical with a small cupcake in the lead. Set to the sugar pop orchestre of The Heavy Blinkers and dipped in the visual taffy of FH.

Fluorescent Hill - The Album Leaf: On Your Way

The Album Leaf's first track off of the acclaimed album "In A Safe Place" manifests in the form of a lush woodland filled with musically inclined balloon like creatures.

Luis Clara Gomes & Luis Calçada - Moullinex: Catalina

Music video for Catalina, a track off the Chocolat EP ( by Moullinex, released in January on Gomma Records.

Done with Kinect + Processing + Cinema 4D + After Effects.

Concept: Luis Clara Gomes, Luis Calçada
Visuals: Luis Calçada
Programming: Luis Clara Gomes
Editing: Francisco Costa

And a big thank you to Joana Nobre and Paulo Raimundo.

Here's a detailed walkthrough (plus source files and examples if you wanna do something with this):

Monday, February 7, 2011

Brandon Reichard & Pelham Johnston - Times New Viking: No Room to Live

Directed & Edited by Brandon Reichard and Pelham Johnston.

Produced by TNV and Johnston/Reichard.

Each frame printed from real video, then hand drawn, colored, or decorated and put back together.

Nearly 3,000 individual frames, completed by around 40 artists from Columbus, Ohio and elsewhere.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Neal Coghlan - Kraak & Smaak feat. Bobby Nio: Plastic People

Track: Plastic People by Kraak & Smaak feat. Bobby Nio
(shortened edit for Tasty Visuals promo)
Published by Boogie Angst Music (Chrysalic Music), P&C 2008 Jalapeno Ltd.

Illustrations >>​TastyFlickr
Project >>​#560347/​Tasty-Visuals
Twitter >>​nealcoghlan
Tasty Stickers! >> - available now!

These visuals all started out from a single illustration (now the animation Tasty Visuals #001, the first loop of the sequence). Whilst creating the illustration I thought about how each bit might animate and so set about turning it into a short ident type visual. It was soon after that I learnt about the Resolume competiton for Kraak & Smaak a Dutch trio of musicians who create some quality funk/breakbeat/electro tunes. As Kraak & Smaak translates to Crunchy & Tasty I thought it'd be too good an opportunity to miss to get a set of food-themed illustrations turned into VJ loops.

The original 3 loops won the competition and the prize was a commission to make 20 more loops plus a copy of the VJ software Resolume. This video shows
17 clips - the original
3 for the competition and 14 others that are built up in a similar way. The final 6 are transitions/backgrounds that can be played over the top or underneath all of these clips to give extra variation.

Before animating any of the parts I chose 3 of Kraak & Smaak's tracks and sliced it so that it was a segment of 16 beats. I then altered the tempo of the segment to 125BPM - as this works well with a 50fps frame rate (and is consequently easily scalable for slower or faster sections should I need to re-render to a certain speed). Within these segments there was enough going on musically that I could animate individual objects to sounds, meaning that you can watch them again and again and still find new bits that sync up to something. The beauty of this is that all these elements can be removed as single pieces and reassembled to create new compositions. The limitations of the grid plus no gradients or transparencies also meant that consistency between the pieces was easy and that they could all be played consecutively and gel.

My next step is to separate the elements in these visuals and use them as separate clips over multiple layer in the VJ software Resolume - allowing me to form new compositions live to music!
See pics of the process here:​TVResolume​​

**ALSO if you like videos with additional cats:​14321342

Rikke Otte - Oh Land: Still Here

Eugene and Louise & Birg - Marble Sounds: Sky High

Performed by Marble Sounds and Miwako Shimizu

Directed by Eugene and Louise & Birg.
Produced by Nouvelle Cuisine -
Character design and illustrations by Eugene and Louise
Postproduction by The Fridge
Post Producer: Jan Hameeuw
Michèle Vanparys - Lead 2D
Matthias Claeys - 2D
David Robinne - Lead 3D
Pierre Hageman - 3D assistant
Dennis Vandenbergh - 3D animation
Birg - Compositing
Reinder Vankeerbergen - Compositing
Tom Hameeuw - Producer

"Sky High" is taken from the debut album "Nice Is Good"
by Marble Sounds - out on Zealrecords​buy_marble

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gerson Aguerri - Los Massieras: Boogity Boogity Boogity

OK Go, Eric Gunther, and Jeff Lieberman - OK Go: End Love

Download this video and enter the Contest at For more photos and videos of Orange Bill, The Goose visit
OK Go's official video for 'End Love' off the album Of The Blue Colour of the Sky.
Director: OK Go, Eric Gunther, and Jeff Lieberman
Producer: Shirley Moyers

Nicos Livesey - Everything Everything: Schoolin

Guy Harlap - Thom Yorke: Black Swan

Hey all,
this is a unofficiall video of the song Black Swan by Thom Yorke I made. As a big fan of Radiohead and Thom's
I began experiencing with the song's rhythm.
After I started animating I just could not stop.
I finished it in few days. the animation was done with no changes editing or corrections.drawn frame by frame 2d classic animation (made with flash using wacom)
I did it with a lot of joy to a song I really love from a great artist and band (my opinion).
Guy :)

animation and design: Guy Harlap

Ben Reed - The Wave Pictures: Sweetheart

Official video for the Wave Pictures EP 'Sweetheart'

Directed by Ben Reed (

Made entirely out of second hand books.

*Please watch in HD!*

Thanks to the following people for sorting me out:

Nils for the books,
Nic for the lens,
Dan for the heart,
Jess for touching the heart,
and Gez for the rostrum part

This video was recycled after construction.

You can get the record from here:

United Visual Artists - Massive Attack: United Snakes

Carolina Melis - Oh no Ohno: Internet Warrior

We Are Synapse - Papa vs Pretty: Heavy Harm

An animated music video that follows a journey of one man who is tasked with looking after a towns people who live in isolation, and depend on fuel from the underground.

by We Are Synapse

Music - Papa Vs Pretty